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Nov 23, 2023 5:27 PM
Deano and Faretrade -  DFT001EP

Deano and Faretrade - DFT001EP

First collaborative EP with my good friend, Dean Jones. Artwork from the immensely talented Johno Mellish.


Deano and Faretrade join forces to launch the DFT sublabel on Knowledge Imprint. The inaugural release is a five track EP recorded between Berlin and Cape Town over the course of a year, representing a creative, exploratory dialogue between friends.

Most of the tracks were originally recorded as one-take jams with the Elektron Machine Drum, Novation Peak, SH-101, and Lyra-8 prior to heavy editing and processing. The synth work is loose, with strong ostinato and staccato elements against stripped back, raw percussion.

No fuss, no frills.