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Aug 11, 2023 12:45 PM
Faretrade - Intercalation

Faretrade - Intercalation

Excited to be back on City Bowl Wax Network, an incredible label and labor of love shining a light on the blossoming electronic music scene in Cape Town, South Africa. My contribution is called “Intercalation” and was made with a Machinedrum, Novation Peak, RE-201 Space Echo, and Blue Sky Reverb. The track is about trying to generate an emotional outcome with few elements, and these kind of chord structures always moved me emotionally.

Tnks to for being the first person to believe in me and release my music some years back. Releasing music on a Cape Town imprint warms my heart and makes me feel connected to the scene there.


City Bowl Wax Network proudly presents the highly anticipated second instalment of the SMPLR imprint. This project brings together a collective of like-minded artists from across South Africa, uniting their works within a thematic and genre-focused package. SMPLR02 shines a spotlight on the rapidly evolving techno scene in the country, showcasing a diverse range of moods and styles that span from deep and hypnotic to the more robust and groove-centric cuts.

This release aims to distill the distinct and varied sonic identities of these artists into a cohesive collection, purposefully tailored for the discerning DJ. Each track serves as a powerful dance-floor tool, destined to find its rightful place on your USB. Among the tracks, you'll discover familiar faces from the label's roster as well as fresh newcomers, all contributing their unique artistic vision to this offering. Featured artists include Faretrade, MVLS, AESKA, Terminus, Justyn Nell, Paz Shina, Tiro!, Novelty, Engram and SSEN.