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Mar 13, 2023 3:50 PM
hello world 👋

hello world 👋

A new home for my thoughts and work...

Welcome to the starting point of my archive (of sorts), where I aim to combine my professional writing, music, art, and poetry in a singular space. This website is designed to serve two main functions: 1) to archive content that contributes to the development of a coherent identity, and 2) to establish communication with those who are interested in following along.

I plan to post updates regularly. While the content shared here may initially seem unrelated, there is an underlying structure connecting them all: the intersection between analytical and artistic pursuits, which I have traditionally kept separate. My intention is that by allowing these distinct aspects to coexist, I will gain insights into myself, and potentially discover novel ways in which these elements can inform one another.

I encourage you to join me in this exploration, as we delve into the complex relationship between these disparate threads. Together, we may uncover previously hidden connections.

In this blog, I'll be discussing a variety of topics that I find intriguing and that fuel my curiosity. Some of these subjects include biogerontology, which is the study of aging and how to better understand its underlying processes; psychedelics, focusing on their potential uses for mental health and personal growth; and healthcare, with an emphasis on its current innovations and ongoing challenges.

I'm also keen on exploring theology and how it helps us understand different belief systems and spiritual practices; electronic music and its constantly evolving sounds; and music as a whole, given its ability to connect people across cultures and backgrounds.

My enthusiasm for visual arts extends to various forms such as painting, digital art, and other creative outlets that enable artists to share their perspectives. I'm excited to delve into these topics and more. I'm interested in the "texture" of things, more than anything else.